I receive emails daily from readers complaining that I didn’t cover a news story that they care about.

One irate reader accused me of using my platform to post “garbage that can’t help anyone.”

She mentioned a Black med student from Kentucky who drowned after horseplay with fellow students. She was adamant that no charges have been filed against the students.

“Maybe you can find the answer and report back to us,” she concluded.

She didn’t include a link in her angry email.

A. Reed writes:

“You have the platform to bring awareness to the injustice that exist in the US but you rather post garbage that can’t help anyone. So research the story from Kentucky about the black med student that was pushed in the water by white friends who was aware he can’t swim and watched him drown for 20 mins. Why haven’t charges being filed? Maybe you can find the answer and report back to us.”

I have no idea what story she’s referring to. I used the keywords “Kentucky”, “med student”, and “drowning,” but my search did not return any results.

If you know what story she’s referring to, please post the link in the comments below.

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