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Woman confronts Dr. Umar in Atlanta: ‘Who’s that Queen?’


An irate woman confronted social activist Dr. Umar Johnson during an event at the New Black Wall Street Market in Atlanta.

Cell phone video shows the woman stomping to the stage and throwing a bag at Johnson.
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Another woman approached the stage behind her, also yelling at Johnson.

Sensing trouble, Johnson’s bodyguards rushed to the stage to stop the women.

“Who’s that Queen?” Johnson asked.

“I was with you last night?!” the first woman shouted.

Johnson seemed confused. “You wasn’t with me last night. I’ve never seen you in my life,” he responded.

“Look in my book. Look in my bag,” she told him.

“I’ve never seen this sista a day in my life,” he insisted.

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“Brothas and sistas, clap it up for the ancestors,” he told the crowd. “Clap it up for Black excellence,” he continued, as the audience clapped and cheered.

“Clap it up for positivity,” Johnson said, while the woman fought with his guards.

As the woman stripped off her top, Johnson said, “We gon’ stay focused.”

“We gon’ stay focused. No weapon formed against us shall prevail!”

The woman stumbled over an elder gentleman who was trying to escort her out of the room. Both fell to the floor, but there were no injuries.

Both women were ejected from the event.




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