On Wednesday, Twitter/X launched its Audio & Video Call feature which enables Premium Twitter/X users to call anyone through the app.

“Audio and video calls are here!” Elon Musk announced in a tweet. He referred followers to a screenshot that shows how to set up voice and video calling.

For now only Premium X subscribers can call anyone on their follower list by updating the app and enabling Audio & Voice Calling in Settings > Privacy & Safety > Direct Messages > Enable Audio & Video Calling.

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Only Premium X users can make calls, but anyone on the platform can receive calls.

That means you can receive random calls from Elon Musk or a Premium X subscriber — even if you didn’t share your phone number on Twitter/X.

The feature is not enabled by default in Settings.

“Still a beta product, but it is promising,” Musk commented in a Premium X user’s thread.

Twitter/X’s support page explains the feature is only available on iOS but will soon be for Android as well.

Some Premium X users are already complaining about privacy issues.

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