Former Houston salon owner Tina Knowles was caught in another lie involving her daughter Beyonce’s hair.

Last month Beyonce and Tina launched their hair care line, named CéCred (pronounced “sacred”).

But Bey’s fans were skeptical of the haircare line, since Beyonce wears wigs or hair extensions at all times.

Many are debating whether Beyonce is qualified to launch a hair care line since no one has ever seen her real hair in recent times.

Photo may have been deleted

This is the only known photo in the wild of Beyonce’s struggle hair bun and thinning edges. Journalist Touré stares at Beyonce’s head in disbelief.

Over the weekend Tina shared video of what she claimed was Beyonce’s real hair.

The video shows Beyonce in a commercial sporting a brown wig with bangs.

Tina captioned the post: “Just came across this on ig. Love this commercial. And I loved Beyonce’s hair on here! Yes it is all her hair !!!!! @tytryone 1,2,3, go !!!!! Hair cut by @kimkimblehair.”

Viewers were not convinced.

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“Tina please stop” one person wrote on Rhymeswithsnitch. Another person wrote: “Ain’t no way a sensible individual will purchase hair care from a wig wearer.”

A third person wrote: “Ima have to go with this. Why would you buy a hair care product from someone when you don’t know what their hair looks like?”