A TikTok influencer is going viral for explaining the quickest way to find a husband in today’s economy.

Finding a husband nowadays is no easy achievement. There are more women competing for fewer men than ever before.

TikTok user Dahja (@dajhagetspaid) described the perfect way to snag a husband that doesn’t require special skills or being a high value woman.

Dahja said it’s easier to get a husband by being your natural self and dressing casually.

Instagram models are everywhere you look, but a natural woman turns heads.

Dahja described the perfect outfit to wear to get a man’s attention while simply walking to the corner store.

“Baby, I ain’t never been asked am I married so much in my life. I swear to God!” she said. “I don’t know what it is… but if you want a man, this is how you get him.”

Dahja’s TikTok followers agreed.

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“The natural laid back look gone do it every time,” wrote one TikTok user.

Another person wrote: “Men love when they can go to sleep and wake up to the same pretty natural face and body.”

And a high value man wrote in the comments: “A woman that’s comfortable is approachable. If she dolled up she don’t have time.”

Watch the video below. CAUTION: Video contains profanity.

@dajhagetspaid Psa , yo husband is waiting for you to look like a bum . #relationshipadvice ? original sound – Dajha ?