TikTok and Twitter/X users are roasting Louis Vuitton’s mock human leg boots that retail for $2,470. The LV Illusion high boots are available in 2 skin tone colors.

The boots were inspired by the Surrealist movement, according to LV’s website. The boots are hand crafted from supple calf leather and painted by hand to give the illusion of a leg inside a black high heel shoe. The boot is finished with a ribbed white sock featuring the LV Initials.

Photo may have been deleted
Louis Vuitton

Fashion influencer Isabelle Allain, tried on a pair of the high fashion boots in a video on her @izzipoopi TikTok account.

“I bought boots with integrated calfs [sic],” Isabelle said, before adding: “I haven’t been this excited for a really long time.”

“You paid money for this?” one user wrote in the comments section.

“This has to be a joke,” another person wrote.

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