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A fight broke out at a nightclub when a security guard touched Sexyy Red’s butt without permission. The incident occurred on Wednesday night as the St. Louis rapper was being carried off stage at a nightclub. Cell phone video shows a security guard grab a handful of the rapper’s butt as they passed by him.

Sexyy Red quickly told her bodyguard what happened. The bodyguard put her down and went to confront the guy. Seconds later, a brawl erupted between the security guard and the bodyguard. They were quickly separated and Sexyy Red and her bodyguards left the club.

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The oversexed rapper is among today’s “prostitution era” rappers, according to old skool rapper Nikki D.

Critics complain that Sexyy Red’s explicit rap lyrics send the wrong message to men who believe women are not worthy of their respect.

Sexyy Red is currently in the midst of her Hood Hottest Princess Tour to promote her album of the same name. The tour includes upcoming stops in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.