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Sean Combs ‘Pressured’ Cassie’s Plastic Surgeon to Remove Her Breast Implants the Day AFTER Her Surgery

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Sean “Puffy” Combs reportedly asked a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon remove Cassie’s breast implants the day after her surgery.

A source close to the music mogul’s camp says he “pressured” the R&B singer to get breast implants. But after she underwent the procedure, Combs was reportedly unhappy with the results.

Sean "Puffy" Combs and Cassie Ventura at Catch LA for Dinner

The source said Cassie was “crying but silent” as the Bad Boy Records founder, also known as “Diddy,” demanded celebrity surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan remove the implants a day later — despite the serious health risks.

“The very next day, he wanted to meet Dr. Ryan and discuss having the breasts removed for a smaller size,” the source told “He said they were too big.”

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Dr. Ryan, who charged $16,000 for the procedure, refused Combs’ demands to remove the implants the next day.

“Diddy thought they could go right back into surgery, like now, and take them out,” said the source.

“And Dr. Ryan was like, trying to explain to him that we should wait at least six months to see how it heals because she was just opened up. But Diddy was like, ‘No, they’ve got to come out, call who you need to call, they’ve got to come out.’”

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Dr. Ryan called the witness on the phone and asked her to be present for a meeting with Combs.

“He wanted me there,” she told “He needed some support. He thought there would be strength in numbers, with me helping navigate him through this.”


During the meeting, Cassie cried silently while Combs pressured the surgeon. Cassie’s breasts were still swollen and leaking fluid from the incisions.

“It was the day after surgery, and she looked like she was in pain,” the witness told

“The plastic surgeon tried to talk sense into Diddy,” the source said.

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The doctor was shocked and seemed like he was going to piss his pants, like “what am I going to do with this?” the source said.

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“He was trying to hold his ground that this was never going to happen, assuring him that we can get to that desired result but that we need time for healing. He was saying there’s a lot of swelling now but that it will go down,” she recalled. “He said, ‘you’re seeing a lot of swelling and lot of fluid, but it will go down.’”

“[Dr. Ryan] felt bad for her. And it was sad. It was just so sad. And while this was all going on, Cassie was not talking at all. She was crying, visibly traumatized, but she wasn’t saying anything at all and just going along with whatever he said.

“She wasn’t advocating for herself, or for the boobs at all. And he (Diddy) was not comforting her at all.”

Dr. Ryan finally gave in to the pressure and assembled a surgical team to replace Cassie’s implants a week later.

Photo may have been deleted
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Cassie, 37, is pictured before and after the implant procedures that were done a week apart.

The witness, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the discussion took place shortly after Thanksgiving in 2009 at Dr. Ryan’s office.

The famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon died the following year, when he drove off a cliff in Malibu while sending a text message.

Dr. Ryan’s client list included Heidi Montag, Gene Simmons, Shauna Sand, and Vince Neil.

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Cassie filed a lawsuit on Nov. 16, accusing Combs of rape and physical abuse during the decade they were together.

Combs, 55, quickly settled the lawsuit a day later on Nov. 17.

The Complaint alleges that Cassie was trafficked, raped, and viciously beaten by Combs on many occasions over a decade.


The abuse allegedly started when Cassie was just 19 and Combs was 37. They are pictured with her ex-boyfriend, music producer Ryan Leslie in 2006. Cassie was signed to Combs’ Bad Boy Records label as a recording artist in 2005.

The lawsuit alleges Combs plied Cassie with drugs and alcohol, and took control of all aspects of her life, from her healthcare to her career opportunities, making her completely dependent on him.

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The source told she is proud of Cassie for going public.

“I’m not surprised her body was not her own at all,” the source said. “Because in that moment I witnessed, it was not her body. It was his body, to be dressed up and enhanced the way he wanted.”




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