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Say What Now? Woman Lured by Scammer Posing as TV Star Allegedly Poisoned Husband, Says It Was Her ‘Dream to Meet a Soap Star’

A Massachusetts woman is being investigated for attempting to murder her husband after allegedly poisoning his soup.

What’s even crazier is that the woman allegedly tried to poison her husband because she believed she was going to leave him for a TV star, who was actually someone scamming her over the internet.

via People:

Roxanne Doucette of Townsend, Mass., was allegedly in text communication with someone she believed to be Thorsten Kaye, one of the stars from The Bold and The Beautiful, NBC Boston, WCVB and NBC News reported, citing authorities.  

However, she is not facing charges relating to the alleged poisoning or attempted murder, Townsend Police Chief James Sartell confirms with PEOPLE, but the alleged incident is under investigation.

Investigators were notified in early December after Doucette’s daughter, Nicole Heath, discovered messages on her mother’s phone that set off alarm bells, NBC News and WCVB reported, citing police reports.  

Heath claimed that she came across those messages after her father, 73-year-old Paul Doucette, was admitted to the hospital, the outlet reports, citing police. She further alleged that the person her mother was texting had scammed Doucette out of money. 

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The alleged scammer, who has not been named in news reports, told Doucette that she had to “get rid” of her husband, CBS News, WCVB and NBC reported, citing police reports. 

“I need you so much,” the alleged scammer said, according to the police reports cited by WCVB. 

She allegedly replied that she was “making an amazing soup” for her husband with a “special poison,” the outlet further reported, citing police documents.

She later replied to the person’s text and allegedly said that Paul became ill and that she could possibly collect life insurance, the outlets report, citing authorities.

Doucette denied the allegations, but reportedly said that she had been speaking with a soap star and reportedly confirmed that she gave him money.

“He wanted money, and he wanted to meet me,” Doucette said of the alleged scammer, according to court documents cited by NBC Boston. “It was my dream to meet a soap star.” 

When police tried to retrieve her iPad and iPhone, Doucette refused and allegedly kicked an officer when they attempted to take her into custody for interfering with an investigation, WCVB and NBC News report.

Currently, Townsend police and Ayer police are conducting two investigations — one into the alleged poisoning and alleged attempted murder and a second one into whether Doucette was scammed.

Chief Sartell did not comment on whether the alleged scammer has been identified as it’s early on in the investigation.

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In an interview with WBZ-TV, Doucette has denied the allegations of poisoning.

“I love him very, very much, and I would never try to kill anyone,” she told the station, according to CBS News

She has been ordered by the court to stay away from her husband, which she allegedly violated, leading to an arrest, according to WCVB. 

The circumstances surrounding her second arrest, such as a release, were not immediately clear. Her interview with WBZ-TV took place earlier this week and she is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday. It is unclear if she’s retained an attorney to speak on her behalf.

Was divorce not an option? She had to resort to murder? To jail she goes.




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