The owner of a Long Beach, California restaurant says he no longer uses GrubHub to deliver his orders after catching one driver eating a customer’s food.

“The first thing he started chowing down on was our garlic noodles – which I don’t blame him. They’re good,” Mexihanas Hibachi owner Martin Luzanilla told KTLA 5’s John Fenoglio.

“I was pissed. I was upset,” Luzanilla said. “I went outside and confronted the gentleman. He told me it was his food.”

Luzanilla checked his security video again and watched the driver peel off the Grubhub label and bite the bag with his teeth. He then forked through 5 different plates of food.

“Mouth fulls,” said Luzanilla. “Whatever didn’t fit in his mouth was falling right back onto that plate.”

Luzanilla called the customer and told him his food was tampered with. He then prepared a new order and delivered it to the customer himself.

Luzanilla had a message for delivery drivers: “If you’re a delivery service driver and you come into my restaurant to deliver some food and you’re hungry, I got you. Seriously, you don’t need to pick into the food… I’ll get you a bowl. That way you can eat because I appreciate what you guys do for me and my company.”

Grubhub told KTLA 5 the driver was suspended from its platform.

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Watch the video below.