In a recent VladTV podcast, Reggie Wright Jr. and James “Mob James” McDonald discussed the recent raids on two homes linked to Sean “Puffy” Combs.

Wright is the former head of security for Death Row Records. McDonald served as the muscle for Death Row’s founder Suge Knight, who is currently incarcerated.


Wright explained why the Department of Homeland Security conducted the raids instead of the FBI or local police.

He said federal agencies “step on each other’s toes” and botch investigations by not communicating with each other.

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Wright said Homeland Security was put in charge of the investigation so the other agencies have to report to Homeland Security.”

He also discussed the video tapes targeted by Homeland Security as part of s*x assault allegations in 2 lawsuits.

Wright discredited former bodyguard Gene Deal. He said Deal hasn’t worked for Combs since 2002.

“Gene Deal wouldn’t know what the f*** Puffy got! The houses that Puffy own currently right now, [Gene] ain’t never been in… He ain’t been with Puffy since about 2002,” said Wright.

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Meanwhile, a PR expert claims Combs is engaging in a “social humanizing strategy” by presenting a softer image in Instagram posts. Combs posted adorable photos of his youngest daughter on Easter Sunday.

The PR expert said Combs’s posts are to potentially distract his 20 million followers from his legal dramas.

Watch the podcast below.

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