Raven-Symoné and her life partner Miranda Pearman-Maday want you to know that Miranda knew who Raven was when they first met in a karaoke bar in 2015.

Miranda, 36, shared a TikTok video that shows the couple pleading with Raven’s fans to stop sending death threats to Miranda.

Raven, 38, said: “Stop with the death threats in her DMS. It is disrespectful to her and in turn disrespectful to me. Stop it!”

Miranda claims she knew who Raven was when they first met — she just didn’t watch any of her shows as a kid.

Raven’s fans are tired of Miranda downplaying her achievements and constantly trying to “humble” Raven in public.

Fans believe Miranda is a narcissist who thinks she’s a bigger celebrity than Raven.

One fan wrote: “They say narcissists like to downplay the achievements of others. I wonder if that’s what she is doing to [Raven]?”

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Raven Simone leave your wife at home with a baby sitter. This is crazy.

? original sound – Blackbeltbabe

The two ladies jumped the broom in 2020 – and Raven’s fans have dragged Miranda ever since. They just don’t like her.

Miranda has a superior attitude toward Raven — which Raven doesn’t seem to notice.

Look at Miranda’s body language in the video below. She is closed and guarded. Her body language should be open and she should be leaning toward Raven.

Hopefully, Raven has an iron-clad prenup in place.

Watch the video below.


the end.

? original sound – miranda v. pm

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