Atlanta rapper Killer Mike is distancing himself from real estate fraudster Cesar Pina and “Breakfast Club” co-host DJ Envy.

Pina was arrested on Oct. 18 and charged with one count of wire fraud for allegedly scamming investors out of tens of millions of dollars.

On Thursday, a video surfaced on Twitter/X that shows Mike and Pina standing outside a 28 unit apartment complex in Adamsville, Georgia, where Mike grew up.

In the video, Mike seemed excited to learn real estate flipping from Pina.


“I grew up in these apartments doing some things that should’ve got my as* locked up forever,” Mike said. “And we’re not gonna pay a lot of money for this,” he added.

Pina then explained the apartment complex could be purchased “under market value.”

After the video went viral on Twitter/X, Mike responded to his followers calling him a scammer.

“[crying laughing emoji] a mutual friend told me I should meet him so I did… we did no business, I never endorsed him and if u watch the video I just looked at some shit he showed me and got outta there.”