Rumors swirled on Friday that popular TikTok “Hoodfisherman” Rasheen Bailey was fatally shot and his body was dumped off a boat.

Rumors swept TikTok, Instagram and X/Twitter on Friday. Some reports claimed Bailey was shot during an argument and his body was pulled from the bay in Fort Myers, Florida.

However, a friend notified Bailey’s Instagram followers that he is alive.

Bailey went viral last year after he caught a large shark with his bare hands. He often fishes with his bare hands while wearing flip flops on his feet.

Photo may have been deleted

Bailey teaches his followers how to catch largemouth bass and blue crabs using just string, a net, and a variety of bait including raw chicken.

Bailey posts fishing videos on TikTik, Instagram and YouTube. He has nearly 1 million followers across all platforms.

“Becoming a professional fisherman involves dedication, hard work, and perseverance. You may need to hone your fishing skills, participate in competitions, and build a reputation in the fishing community. Along the way, you can share your knowledge and experiences with others to help them develop a love for fishing,” Bailey says via his company’s website.

Fans took to TikTok to pray for his recovery after hearing the news.

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Photo may have been deleted

@hoodfishingus I don’t need a net for crabs i rather catch them the old fashion way. All you need is some string a piece of chicken and a Net ??? #hoodfishing #fishing ? original sound – Hoodfishing Entertainment