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Paris Fashion Week is over, but unwanted guests may be hitching a ride home with Hollywood A-listers.

An organization issued a warning to celebrities about bringing home creepy-crawly pests that bite.

Dr. Jim Fredericks — a board-certified entomologist and senior public affairs VP at the National Pest Management Association — tells TMZ that bed bugs are highly adept hitchhikers. However, there are measures celebrities can take to prevent unwanted guests.

Dr. Fredericks says celebrities who attended fashion shows or stayed at bougie Paris hotels need to carefully inspect their luggage for bed bugs.

Dr. Fredericks says any signs of exoskeletons or fecal spots on or inside suitcases are good indications of a bed bug problem

Even if you’re sure your gear is bed bug-free, Dr. Fredericks says anyone visiting Paris should thoroughly wash all of their clothes, and dry them on a high heat setting. Once back in the U.S., he says a dry clean wouldn’t hurt either.

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While blood-sucking bed bugs don’t pose a risk of spreading disease, they can be a major nuisance once they’ve taken up residence in your home.

Pest control companies that specialize in bed bugs are required to exterminate your home once bed bugs move in.

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All of which can be prevented with measures like storing your empty luggage outside your hotel room. Some 5-star hotels will offer to store your empty luggage for you.