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The “Kardashian Kurse” has struck again. Scalpers who snapped up tickets to rapper Travis Scott’s concerts can’t sell them due to low demand.

Scalpers are expected to lose tens of thousands of dollars each.

Scott was canceled in America after eight people died and over 300 fans were injured during a stampede at his Astroworld Festival in his hometown of Houston in November 2021.

Since then Scott has been unable to book concerts in some countries due to anti-religious symbols in his concerts.

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According to The Fader, scalpers who bought tickets to Scott’s “Utopia – Circus Maximus Tour” can’t sell them at any price.

Tickets in some cities are reselling for a quarter of their face value, 404 Media reports.

The cheapest tickets for Scott’s show at Raleigh, North Carolina’s PNC Arena next Friday (October 13), are listed for $14, much lower than their $61.50 Ticketmaster face value.

The NY Post was able to find tickets as low as $12 for one of Scott’s tour stops.