NYC officials began handing out prepaid debit cards loaded with $1,400 a month as part of a $53 million pilot program.

The first debit cards were handed out to migrant families on Monday in NYC. In addition to receiving free housing, illegal immigrants can use the debit cards to purchase food and baby supplies.
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Only about 10 debit cards have been given out to families, New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ office confirmed to Fox News Digital.

The mayor’s office confirmed the cards were given to families of 4 with two children under age 5. The program will expand to about 115 migrant families next week.
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The prepaid cards may only be used at bodegas, grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores, Fox News Digital reported.

NYC officials defended the program, saying that the prepaid cards are not intended to buy frivolous things like alcohol or drugs.

“There is no free money. These are not ATM cards. You can’t take cash out,” said Deputy Mayor Fabien Levy at a press conference.

“We can take a look at it after six weeks and see what’s working and what’s not,” Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom said, according to Politico.