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North Face is offering a 20% discount for anyone taking a “racial inclusion” class that claims Black people don’t enjoy the outdoors.

According to reports, North Face launched a racial equity course that teaches how White people enjoy their privilege.

The course states that White people never experience hardship due to the color of their skin. And Black people don’t enjoy outdoor activities because of “systemic racism and oppression.”

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The course offered customers 20% off merchandise to complete the hour-long “racial inclusion” course.

The longest hour

Heritage Foundation DEI expert Mike Gonzalez is among those critical of the course.

“It was the longest hour I have ever lived,” Gonzalez told Fox News Digital.

The course claims “White privilege” means skin color can give you access to the outdoors.” But other races are excluded “because of historic, enduring racism and biases.”

Gonzalez called this portion of the class “insulting” and “offensive.” He named former President Barack Obama as “one of the most powerful [Black] people in the world.”