YouTuber Sparrow (NWO Sparrow podcast) scored an exclusive interview with NASA engineer Tyrone Jacobs Jr. (right).

Jacobs, 29, went viral on Twitter/X recently after he posted his work photo showing off his dreadlocks.

Photo may have been deleted

Jacobs went viral again after someone shared video recorded by an ex-girlfriend accusing him of abusing her.

In his interview with Sparrow, an emotional Jacobs explained the video is over three years old.

“I can’t get into the intricate detail, but what I can say is this is … stuff that I left behind over three years ago. I mean, when you even look at the video, you can look at me and tell… that was a very extremely unhealthy version of me.”

He continued: “This was a very mutually toxic relationship, and I am not here to convince anybody. I’m not here to convince anyone. I am just here to put some ease to a lot of minds.”

Jacobs said the rumors that he is an abuser are all lies. “None of it is true.”

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He called his ex “an opportunist” who leaked the video only after his work photo went viral.

He added: “The thing about people that are true narcissists is they know how to frame things very well. They know how to take sound clips and soundbites — they know how to package it to make it a one-sided argument in their favor.”

Watch the video below.