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Minnesota man will likely use gay panic defense as a legal strategy

Hennepin County PD

Last month, a Minnesota man told police he fatally shot a male-to-female transgender who made him feel “suspicious”.

Police say Damarean Kaylon Bible, 25, met 38-year-old Savannah Ryan Williams at a bus shelter on Lake Street in Minneapolis around 5:45 a.m. on November 9.

Williams reportedly propositioned Bible. After agreeing on a price, the two entered a courtyard where Williams performed the act.

Afterwards, Bible shot Williams at point blank range and left him to die. The body was found hours later.

Bible was tracked down by police and charged with second-degree murder.

Photo may have been deleted

Friends described Bible as a straight-A student who was well-liked in high school.

He called his dad from jail on Friday and expressed remorse for what he’d done. Bible said he “just murdered someone” and that he “knew he wasn’t God but he had to do it.”

Bible’s attorney will likely utilize the gay panic defense which is legal in Minnesota.

The gay panic defense is a legal strategy used in situations in which individuals (mainly men) are charged with violent crimes against members of the LGBT+ community.

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Defendants have had their charges reduced or have been acquitted of murder in the past.

More states are considering legislation to ban the gay panic defense.

This year alone, New Hampshire and Delaware passed laws banning the gay panic defense. Michigan’s House recently approved a bill outlawing the gay panic defense.

The gay panic defense is legal here in Georgia.

Gay panic is not just a legal tactic to escape justice, it is an actual mental disorder.

“Homosexual panic” is a term that was coined by American psychiatrist Edward J. Kempf in 1920 as a condition of “panic due to the pressure of uncontrollable perverse sexual cravings.”

Homosexual panic disorder was included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) until it was removed from DSM 5 in 2013.

Gay panic is real. It is not just a made up term to excuse violent behavior or homophobia.

Symptoms of gay panic disorder include overwhelming shame, social isolation, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Severe psychotic symptoms include hallucinations and delusions.

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Aggression or violence toward homosexuals is rare. Most patients turn their aggressions inward and blame themselves for their own cravings.

Violence towards gay or trans men are on the rise partly due to what Daily Wire commentator Michael J. Knowles calls “the influence of p*rnography on s*xual orientation and gender identity.”

Knowles claims that major p*rn companies like P*rnHub are attempting to influence their straight audiences by inserting gay or trans videos into mainstream p*rn.

His claim is based on a video clip of Dillon Rice, a senior executive at Aylo, the parent company of P*rnHub.

In one video, Rice explains the company’s attempts to influence younger straight males by inserting LGBT+ content.

“Let’s say you’re 12 years old, you’re still figuring out sexuality, maybe even your gender,” says Rice. “Wouldn’t it be helpful to see, not a celebration, but just maybe a normalization of something that you think is what you want?”

Knowles claims the video clip is proof of a wider conspiracy to normalize gay or trans p*rn among young straight males.

Banning the gay panic defense nationwide won’t eliminate gay panic as a mental disorder in society.

Gay and trans people will continue to die unless gay panic is addressed as a real mental disorder and not simply “a fear of homosexuality.”




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