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Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan managed to pay off his huge credit card debt after settling a lawsuit filed by American Express.

Marcus, who is dating Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa, was accused of refusing to pay an outstanding balance of $157,000 on his American Express Business Platinum Card.

American Express sued Marcus for the outstanding debt last year and he settled the lawsuit out of court, according to

Per the terms of the settlement, Marcus agreed to pay the balance in $10,000 installments. Marcus reportedly made multiple payments each month starting in March 2023 until the balance was paid off in July 2023.

American Express dismissed all claims against Marcus and the case was officially closed in July.

It isn’t clear if Larsa helped Marcus pay off the outstanding debt. She receives half of her ex-husband’s Chicago Bulls retirement fund as part of their divorce settlement. reports Marcus stopped paying on his AMEX debt around the same time he began dating Larsa in early 2022.

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NBA legend Michael Jordan reportedly cut his youngest son off financially after the 32-year-old online sneaker dealer started dating Larsa, 49.

Michael, 60, has made it clear that he does not approve of Marcus’ relationship with Larsa.