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American Pop singer Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009) performs on stage at Madison Square Garden during the 'Bad Tour,' New York, New York, March 5, 1988. (Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Estate Removed Streaming Tracks Amid Claims He Didn’t Sing Them

It was just about one year after the tragic death of Michael Jackson that the world received a posthumous album from the King of Pop. The 2010 eponymous album was a hit among his fans, aside from one person named Vera Serova. In 2014, Serova sued Sony Music, alleging that several of the vocals on Michael weren’t Jackson at all, and accused producers Edward Cascio and James Porte of knowingly lying.

This has been a legal dispute that continues to be discussed a decade later, and although a 2018 ruling sided in favor of the estate, a handful of tracks from Michael mysteriously disappeared from Apple Music and Spotify.

In a statement released to TMZ, Jackson’s estate said the removing the songs in question was “The simplest and best way to move beyond the conversation associated with these tracks once and for all.” Before also stating that, “Nothing should be read into this action concerning the authenticity of the tracks.”

Check out Jason Malachi, the man whose vocals are at the center of this controversy, below. 




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