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NFL legend Michael Irvin is out of a job a year after he was suspended by the NFL Network for allegedly harassing a Marriott employee.

The former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was suspended during the NFL Network’s coverage of the 2023 Super Bowl in Arizona.

A Marriott Hotel employee complained that Irvin “said something” to her in the hotel lobby.

The Marriott notified the NFL Network about the alleged incident. Without hearing Irvin’s side of the story, the NFL Network sent him home from Arizona.

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In September 2023, Irvin settled a $100 million lawsuit with Marriott and six other defendants. The hotel said it stood behind its employees and their version of events.

Irvin, 58, returned to the air as a sports analyst after settling the lawsuit. But now he’s out of a job again.

The NFL Network announced Friday it will not renew Michael Irvin’s contract, a source confirmed to OutKick.

Irvin was laid off as part of a series of budget cuts last month. Other on-air talent were also let go, the source explained.

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Irvin, who joined the NFL Network in 2009, was an analyst for the Sunday morning pre-game show “GameDay Morning.”

He will continue as a contributor to “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless, according to Outkick. Irvin has appeared “sporadically” on the show during NFL season.