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Rapper Meek Mill and billionaire Robert Kraft participated in a panel discussion at the NAACP National Convention in Boston last week.

Mill, 36, confirmed that record label owners pay artists more to rap about “ignorant stuff” that depict Black people in a negative light.

“Robert opened doors for me to be on stages like this because before I wasn’t on stages like this. I was on rap stages rapping about violence and guns,” Mill said.

“You know, we get paid to rap about that stuff. They actually pay us more when we rap about more ignorant stuff,” he added.

Mill said he balances the negativity by speaking on panels and reaching out to young people.

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Mill continued: “Our self hatred level has risen to the highest level because we are taught to kill each other now. If you just give us weed, liquor and guns, we will kill each other in the long run.”

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Mill and Kraft, 82, recently visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum on the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

Mill compared life behind bars in America to concentration camp prisoners who had ID numbers tattooed on their bodies after their arrival to Auschwitz.

Watch the panel discussion below.