A fed-up neighbor took matters into his own hands when he caught a thief stealing. Cell phone video shows the man repeatedly spanking the alleged thief with a belt.

The man spanked the thief as a crowd stood around and encouraged him. Two other men held the thief while the beating took place outside an apartment complex.

“Turn the f*** around!” said the man swinging the belt. The crowd felt the thief’s pain. “That sh*t hurts!” one onlooker yelled.

“Stop stealing,” a neighbor said when the men finally let the thief go.

It isn’t clear what he stole but he probably won’t steal it again.

The men could have called the police to arrest the guy, but the thief would be back out on the streets within hours, thanks to liberal no cash bail laws.

Citizens are taking the law into their own hands and dispensing street justice since law enforcement are ineffective at stopping crime in the Black communities.

Watch the video below.

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