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Man Blasted In 50-Part ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ TikTok Calls Cap On “Pathological Liar” Claims

One TikTok user’s story went viral for warning people that you shouldn’t rush into marriage.

via: Vibe

ReesaTeesa detailed her marriage to a pathological liar. The “liar” in question has now responded to her lengthy, heavily detailed accusations.

@reesamteesa Who TF Did I Marry- Part One #pathologicalliar #reesateesa #fyp? #fyp ? original sound – ReesaTeesa

According to The Jasmine Brand, a social media user named Danni discovered that his true identity is Jerome ‘JC’ Rome McCoy. The outlet states that McCoy took to social media calling ReesaTeesa out for lying in her story about him. He then stated that the true story is she “cheated” on him with someone named “Bradley.”

“We went to marriage counseling, didn’t work, and we broke up. But all my message to her is please stop lying to these people and tell them the real reason I left you,” he said in the clip. “You cheated. I caught you in the house with Bradley.”

Reesa has insisted that he is mentally unwell and told her followers to leave him be.

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On Wednesday (Feb. 14), ReesaTeesa uploaded the first video in the 52-part series. The Atlanta-based woman recounts her time being married to someone whom she refers to as “Legion.”
“I’m going to tell the story of how I met, dated, married, and divorced a real pathological liar,” she tells her viewers. Reesa insisted that she was “going to be truthful, even if it makes me look bad.” To save you time, VIBE will gladly summarize this tale from Hell.

Across the 52 clips, the woman explained that the story begins with Teesa and Legion meeting each other on Facebook Dating in March 2020. She immediately fell head over heels for the man after he fixed a flat tire for her ahead of their first date. Reesa claims that both parties explained they were looking for a serious commitment to each other. After a few more dates, she discovers the man was “financially well-off.” According to the man, he explained that he amassed his wealth from his time playing Arena Football. He also alleged that he scored a role as Vice President of a “well-known condiment company,” which caused him to move from California to ATL.

ReesaTeesa then stated that they decided to quarantine at her crib when COVID-19 hit just weeks later. April saw the couple becoming so close that they began looking to purchase a home together. Legion constantly reassured her that he had the funds to find and buy their forever home set at $700,000. However, the closing process always failed for various reasons that she called “suspicious.” Those same suspicions arose when the couple attempted to buy a car together. Again, another failed sale and purchase. Reesa also explained that she became pregnant with his child around this time. Unfortunately, they lost the baby soon after the pregnancy reveal.

The couple would tie the knot in January 2021 as they looked to live happily ever after. Things began to transform into a Lifetime movie (you know the ones) when ReesaTeesa began to dig further into her husband’s life. She discovered that he was, in fact, not the VP of a condiment company. Teesa then unearthed that he had a slew of falsified legal documents to his name. Legion allegedly had fake social security cards and bank statements.

To make matters worse, he even faked phone conversations in front of her, allegedly talking to his home screen. The TikToker also claimed to have found out that he had a criminal record and lied about being previously married.

ReesaTeesa then uncovered a plot twist for the ages: Legion has a twin brother with the life he allegedly assumed the role of. June 2021 saw the couple divorce and put an end to the madness.

“I just know that everything was a lie. I have not found anything that proves something was true,” Reesa said in another clip. “I need to forgive myself; maybe I shouldn’t say forgive myself for being dumb, but definitely forgive myself, for you would rather be right and married than be obedient and patient.”




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