An anchorwoman for 13 News WEVC in Norfolk, Virginia is going viral for being too overdressed.

Dana Smith recently became the evening anchor for the 5:30 and 11:00 pm shows, Monday through Friday.

Male viewers are disappointed that Smith dresses modestly in conservative attire while reporting the news.

They took their complaints to Facebook and a Manosphere message board.

One person wrote: “She should show more I bet ratings go way up.”

A misogynist wrote: “That’s an 80 dollar bra holding them thangs up. She got some heavies.”

While a third person wrote: “She got some cannons.”

Photo may have been deleted

Smith seems to be aware that she attracts the wrong kind of attention. She wraps herself in coats and sweaters even when its 80-degrees outside.

According to her bio, the Nassau, Bahamas native enjoys listening to music, reading novels, going to the gym, and relaxing on the beach. She’s also a big foodie and has a fondness for oysters.

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Watch Smith’s reporting on the unrest in Haiti below.