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Lil Nas X Claims “J CHRIST” Doesn’t Mock Christianity, Apologizes for Communion Video

Lil Max X released his latest single, “J CHRIST” on January 12, complete with a music video of biblical proportions. The rapper teased his new music earlier this month and said his song “features a very beloved popstar.” He later joked that the “popstar” was God.

In the video, Lil Nas X is dressed as a snatched version of Jesus Christ. The rapper is shown in what appears to be heaven with a white gown, long wavy hair (and a halo), white acrylic nails, and a choker that says “SEX.” The cover art for the song features Lil Nas X on the cross like Jesus.

On Monday, Lil Nas posted a sincere-seeming video to his social media accounts in which he reflects on some of the backlash he’s predictably received from conservative and religious groups in response.

“I wanted to not necessarily apologize but I wanted to explain where my head’s at and where it’s been for the past week,” he said. “First of all, when I did the artwork I knew there would be some upset people or whatnot, simply because religion is a very sensitive topic for a lot of people. But I also didn’t mean to mock. This wasn’t a ‘fuck you’ to you people, ‘fuck you to the Christians.’ It was not that. It was literally me saying, ‘Oh, I’m back like Jesus,’ that was the whole thing.”

“I’m not the first person to dress up as Jesus — I’m not the first rapper, I’m not the first artist, and I won’t be the last,” he continued. “And I know given my history, with the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ video, anything I do related to religion could be seen as mockery, and that was not the case with this.”

He went on to directly address (and apologize for) a promotional video released last week that features him downing communion wine and wafers. “I will say with the communion video, with me eating the crackers and juice, I thought that video was going to be the video to lighten the mood,” he said. “I thought that was something we all wanted to do as kids, but I didn’t understand the reality of what it is. It’s me eating the communion, which is the symbolism of Jesus’ blood and bones or something like that, I don’t remember completely. I didn’t mean it as a cannibalism thing or whatever the freak… I do apologize for that, I will say I am sorry for that.”

“Though I don’t agree with all of Christianity’s rules or whatnot, I know not everybody follows Christianity by the book 100% or the world would be a lot crazier,” he continued. “But I do apologize for that. This is not to try to get everyone on my good side or whatnot, this is more so to clear my own head about my own decisions. I know I messed up really bad this time, and I can act unbothered all I want but it’s definitely taken a mental toll on me.”

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Watch the full video below.


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