Lil Kim removed her thong underwear and threw it to a fan during a recent performance.

The 49-year-old rap icon showed no shame when she thew her thong into the crowd at the ONE Music Festival at Piedmont Park in Atlanta over the weekend.

Her thong was being worn outside her leggings which made it easier for her to remove it while preserving her dignity.

Still, fans were surprised when the Brooklyn rapper stepped out of her underwear and tossed it to a fan.

“How ’bout this,” she told the crowd while removing the thong, before launching into her 1996 hit “No Time.”


The video circulated on Twitter/X and TikTok. “Who got Lil Kim panties,” one person on Twitter/X wrote on Monday (Oct. 30).

“2023 Lil Kim panties hit me in the crowd and imma be irritated,” another person commented.

“I want them panties period prob smell like starburst,” another person wrote.