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Larsa Pippen Says Janelle Pierzina Was Jealous of All Her Screen Time on The Traitors

RHOM’s Larsa Pippen isn’t holding back about her Traitors hot takes.

via: EW

Pippen walked into season 2 of The Traitors with the ultimate support system. Not only was she one of four Real Housewives in the cast competing for the loot, but she also had her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, by her side. However, that didn’t stop Larsa from walking out of the castle in episode 4 after being banished by the group.

Larsa received eight out of 15 votes, making her the third straight Faithful to be mistakenly banished by the table. Her exit comes just one episode after Marcus was “murdered” by the Traitors and after she repeatedly pointed fingers at what she described as the alpha males of the cast as being Traitors. While her initial instinct to be suspicious of Dan Gheesling was correct, she eventually (and incorrectly) shifted her target to Chris “CT” Tamburello.

Larsa’s outspokenness ended up putting her in the crosshairs of the Traitors, including Parvati Shallow, who threw suspicion on all the Housewives for being actors and performers on their Bravo franchise.

EW asked Larsa, “what did you make of Janelle saying it was suspicious that you were toasting Marcus when he was murdered?”

I think Janelle was upset that I was getting a lot of camera time and she wanted me off the show because I make good television and she doesn’t. She didn’t like that, so she wanted me off the show, so she had more camera time. I thought she was weird. From the very beginning, I felt like her personality was weird. She was very selfish, and I called her out on that from the very beginning.

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I’m like, “Hey, I’m competitive as well, but you’re so selfish, you’ll do anything.” When she untied herself and ran to get the shield instead of helping the person next to her so we can make sure that we win the challenge and make all this money, she wasn’t concerned with that. She was basically just worried about herself.

Literally, I was one of the very first people that untied myself. I untied like four people, and then Johnny Bananas was yelling at me, “Go find the map!” But I kind of figured it’d be a little bit more camaraderie during the challenges where we all want to win in the very beginning to make sure the pot is big enough and not necessarily be so selfish.

It’s worth noting that Janelle responded to seeing Larsa’s headline about her, This can’t be real [laughing emoji] the only reason I came for Larsa was because she wouldn’t shut her trap about who would want Ekin Su dead and was continuously targeting me. Also, definitely not voting out CT. [peace sign emoji]

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