DJ Envy, co-host of The Breakfast Club, has to comply with a subpoena to provide financial documents in a bankruptcy case involving his former business partner Cesar Pina (left).

Pina filed for bankruptcy because he and DJ Envy face more than 20 lawsuits for real estate fraud.

DJ Envy, real name RaaShaun Casey, and Pina are accused of hustling unsuspecting real estate investors out of millions of dollars.

Prince Williams/Filmmagic

According to influencer Tony “The Closer” Robinson, on January 5, the Superior Court of New Jersey denied DJ Envy’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed against him and Pina by investor Christian V. Vasquez.

On December 20, a judge gave DJ Envy until January 8 to produce all financial documents requested by a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee overseeing Pina’s company, Whairhouse LLC.

Bank statements obtained by the plaintiff’s attorney reveals DJ Envy and Pina earned over $330,000 from their joint seminars alone.

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