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Jonathan Majors was found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, in the backseat of a rideshare SUV in New York City earlier this year.

He was found guilty of one count of assault and one count of harassment, but acquitted of two other counts of assault and aggravated harassment.

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The split verdict came after 5 hours of deliberations over three days.

When deliberations resumed on Friday, Dec. 15, the jury asked to hear Majors’ 911 call the morning after the alleged assault. The jurors also re-watched surveillance video that showed Majors and Jabbari getting out of the SUV.

The split verdict means the jury did not believe Majors deliberately assaulted Jabbari in the SUV, but they did believe he assaulted her outside the vehicle by picking her up off the ground and throwing her back inside the SUV.

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Jabbari told police Majors assaulted her in the SUV after she learned he was texting another woman during the March 25 incident.

The driver testified that Jabbari was the aggressor. “The girl was hitting the boy. He was trying to get rid of her. He was saying, ‘Leave me alone, I have to go.’”

The driver added: “He was not doing anything. She was doing everything.”

However, the evidence shows Jabbari received serious injuries, including a broken finger.