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Jerrod Carmichael blows the closet door off its hinges in his new HBO TV series, “The Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show”.

The unapologetic comedian came out of the closet in his HBO special, “Rothaniel.” The TV special won an Emmy Award.

Now he’s back with a new reality TV series on HBO that he compares to Jim Carey’s 1998 comedy movie “The Truman Show.”

The series follows Carmichael’s interactions with his boyfriend, friends and family. The series features scenes of intimacy between Carmichael and his boyfriend (and other men).

The series also tackles Carmichael’s strained relationship with his parents.

His father, who previously disowned him, is attempting to be more understanding.

But Carmichael’s mother is still trying to pray the gay away. In one scene, she asked the Lord to “Take the desire from my son to be with a male.”

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Carmichael, 36, is known for his self-titled series “The Carmichael Show” with Loretta Devine and Lil Rel Howery. He also voiced a lead character in the animated series Lucas Bros Moving Co.

Coming out has given Carmichael’s career a huge boost. He hosted the 2023 Golden Globe Awards. He also hosted Saturday Night Live.

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“The Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show” premieres on Max on March 29.