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Jada Pinkett Smith’s bombshell memoir Worthy debuted at #3 on the NY Times Best Seller list.

The NY Times lists the most popular books sold in the United States based on sales in the past week.
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Jada’s achievement contradicts earlier reports that her book was “a flop”. The reported that Worthy only sold 2,700 copies on Amazon. Other reports noted that Worthy didn’t crack the top 20 of any major book seller list.

The mom-of-two celebrated the book’s success in a video posted on her Instagram page.

She captioned the post:

“Thank you to the [Red Table Talk] family, the Worthy Warriors and to all who wanted to know my story beyond headlines … we made it to #3 on the NYT best sellers list. Congrats to the other 3 women who are holding the other top 4 spots on the list as well.”

In the video, she said:

I was sitting here thinking that there was a time where women actually had to take on the names of men in order to be published, and here we have four women at the top of the bestsellers list.”

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Jada’s estranged husband, Will Smith congratulated her in the comments.

“‘New York Times Bestselling Author, Jada Pinkett Smith’ CONGRATS, MAMA! Big Looks,” he wrote.