Drill rapper Lil Durk was spotted in Malibu, California shortly after his release from a drug and alcohol rehab facility. The Grammy winner spoke with about his past struggles with drugs (Xanax and Codeine).

“It was tough at first, but it ain’t that tough ’cause I really knew what I wanted. I knew what was holding me back,” he said, referring to his time in rehab. “I wanted better. I want to be a better man, a better father, a better leader… I want to make sure that self is better before anybody else.”

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Lil Durk, who is from Chicago, says, with the help of his “Neighborhood Heroes” foundation, he’s going to build a rehab facility in his hometown to “change a lot of lives.”

Durk said he wants to remove the stigma for the youth and adults who are embarrassed to go to rehab. “If I do it, they gonna do it,” he said. “From here on it’s all action.”

He said he’s talking to bloggers about curbing the violence in the streets of Chicago.

“I’ve been talking to a lot of the bloggers… It’s really the bloggers, ’cause they narrate (the violence). I’ve been talking to them being on the one page, just trying to keep all the bull**** down. Everybody ain’t gonna change but we gonna save as many people as we could.”

Watch the video below.