Cam’ron came out of the closet in a very nonchalant way during an episode of his “It Is What It Is” podcast.

In a shocking confession, Cam’ron let it slip out that he is in a relationship with a “grown man.”

“I’m f****** a grown man right now,” he said, as his co-host, Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson, cracked up laughing.

“The way you said it, with no comma, no pause, no nothing,” she said.

“What did he say? I missed it,” co-host Ma$e said.
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Rumors have swirled about Cam’ron and Ma$e for years. But neither man addressed the rumors on the podcast – until now.

Viewers were shocked by what they heard. One YouTuber called the Freudian slip “THE BIGGEST ‘PAUSE’ in the pod’s history.”

Another person wrote: “The Pause award for May of 2024 goes to…….Cam’ron. It’s only the 2nd day of May but this is going to be hard to top….pause.”

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A third person wrote: “The irony that Ma$e AND Cam didn’t catch the biggest pause moment in their show’s history is crazy.”

FYI: A Freudian slip is when a person reveals a secret that was hidden in the recesses of his mind.

In his 1901 book, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud suggested that a Freudian slip is caused by unconscious desires and urges that a person tries to hide or repress in his subconscious mind.

Watch the video below.