An overzealous fan rushed onstage and tried to embrace rapper Drake during his “It’s All a Blur” tour stop in Austin, Texas.

The fan ran onstage at the sold-out Moody Center. But the Canadian rapper shoved him away.

When security didn’t move fast enough, Drake led the kid to the side of the stage where a security personnel grabbed him.

“Y’all not doing security? Boy you slow as f*ck,” the upset rapper told the security personnel.

Drake could’ve been seriously hurt by a deranged fan.

Drake wore a bizarre red outfit that included a red butcher’s apron and black latex gloves – as if he was preparing to butcher someone. The apron featured black crosses on the lower right side.

Drake finally confirmed a release date for his much-anticipated album titled For All The Dogs. The album is scheduled to drop on September 22 (the same day as Doja Cat’s new album).

“I’m even going to say something in Austin, Texas, that I haven’t said already,” Drake told the crowd at the Moody Center. “I know y’all are excited to hear the album. I know it’s like two weeks. But I’m going to drop a song this week just to let y’all know what’s up… I appreciate y’all, deeply, by the way.”

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