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Canadian rapper Drake is considering taking legal action against Compton, California rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick, 36, stepped over the line when he called Drake a “certified pedophile” in his diss track “Not Like Us.”

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Cover art

The cover photo for the diss track featured a birds-eye view of Drake’s house along with red dots and faces. The red dots and faces are for registered sex offenders on the Citizen app.

In “Not like Us,” Kendrick said Drake likes them young and he urged Drake’s friends to hide their little sisters from him.

    Say, Drake, I hear you like ’em young

    You better not ever go to cell block one

    To any b*tch that talk to him and they in love

    Just make sure you hide your lil’ sister from him

Kendrick wondered why Drake continues to hang out with Baka Not Nice, a Canadian rapper who has been accused of human trafficking.

    And Baka got a weird case, why is he around?

    Certified Lover Boy? Certified pedophiles

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    Why you trollin’ like a b*tch? Ain’t you tired?

    Tryna strike a chord and it’s probably A-Minor

He also referred to Drake’s 2021 album Certified Lover Boy as a crew of “certified pedophiles.”

Kendrick previously released a flurry of diss tracks including “Meet the Grahams.” He compared Drake to Harvey Weinstein and said Drake deserved to die.

According to sources, Drake, 37, is considering filing a defamation lawsuit against Kendrick for the harm to his reputation and public image.

Drake responded to Kendrick’s inflammatory allegations on the diss track “The Heart Part 6.”

“I never been with no one underage,” he raps.

But Drake might also respond legally in a court of law.

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