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Deion Sanders wants the NCAA to reimburse his players for jewelry that was stolen during the Colorado vs UCLA game at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, Oct. 28.

“Our kids got robbed during the game last week. I think that’s a travesty,” Sanders said in his post-game press conference.

The Denver Post via Getty Images

Sanders said his players returned to the locker room to find their lockers had been broken into and their jewelry gone.

“I would expect the NCAA to do something about that. This is the Rose Bowl,” he continued.

According to, UCLA’s athletic department filed a report with the Pasadena Police Department regarding an alleged robbery of jewelry and other items during the game.

The UCLA Bruins play their home games roughly 40 minutes from campus at the Pasadena, CA. stadium.

Sanders said his players didn’t have insurance to cover their losses.

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Sanders told reporters he’s spoken to his players about managing their finances, but he’s “pretty sure” they “don’t think about insurance at this point” in their lives.

“I’m going to have a list made out from these young men, and I know they’re going to be truthful about what they lost, so we can try and get it back for them,” Sanders added.

“They may not be able to get the items back, but they should be able to reimburse them. That was unbelievable. It don’t make no sense when you’re out there ballin’ and playing your heart out and you get robbed at the same [time].”

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