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Dame Dash Shades Irv Gotti For ‘Super Ugly,’  Jay-Z’s Response Song To ‘Ether’

Dame Dash recently appeared on the “That’s F***ed Up Podcast” and blamed Irv Gotti’s production on “Super Ugly” for Jay-Z losing his legendary battle against Nas.

The battle took place in 2001, and even though Jay-Z and Nas squashed their beef in 2005 and are now good friends, it is still considered one of the most iconic battles in rap history.

During the podcast, Dame Dash was asked how he felt about Jay-Z’s response song to Nas’ “Ether,” and Dame responded:

Jay’s response was terrible!

But the thing is we first hit him with the joint at Summer Jam. That was kind of hard… I mean “Takeover” the things… But, then when he came with the “Ether,” I was kind of hyped because he said my name.

I was hyped… I guess. I’m in a rap record.

But, the response, I wasn’t there for the response. I had landed… Irv Gotti f***ed that one up!

You know, every time Irv Gotti got in our business he f**k sh*t up!”

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Irv then stated that Nas won the battle.

…He threw that “Ether” on, he had him apologizing.

Like, the rap that he did was wack, like, when I heard it I was pissed.

Like, I heard it, I was coming from doing a Rocawear ad, you know, I just landed in like Arizona and I’m listening to this sh*t on the radio. I’m like, “What the f**k is this?…

So, I was like go to f***ing, uh, Baseline, you know, because I want to know what happened.

I’m like, “What the f**k happened?… And they in there high-fiving and something… What y’all high-fiving for?… This sh*t is wack!

…And then it was like, Irv… I was like, ‘Irv Gotti!

Called Irv… ‘Yo, don’t ever get in my business again. What you doing?… You not about war.’

You see how his wars go with rap, he doesn’t win them.

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You know what I’m saying?… He’s not a general like that. So I was like, ’Stay out my business.’

And, Irv keeps talking about me all the time. Stop talking about me Irv!

Watch the clip of the Damon Dash interview from the “That’s F***ed Up Podcast” below:

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Source: TMZ

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