Tarrant County Sheriff

Charleston White is cooling his heels in a Texas jail cell. The 46-year-old social media influencer turned himself in to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office on December 18. He was charged with one count of cruelty to non-livestock animals and two counts of aggravated assault.

White reportedly told livestream viewers that he was on his way to the jail turn himself in.

One blogger claimed White was seen on surveillance with a gun. It’s unclear who he assaulted. White is being held without bond.

The former teenage gangbanger served 7 years in prison for killing a white man when he was 14. He has made a name for himself by snitching on other gang members and taunting drill rappers online.

White was attacked and stomped by audience members during a comedy standup gig in Texas on December 9 after he mocked the crowd for living in a small town. He also taunted 2 male Lakers fans by insinuating they were on a date.

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