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Celine Dion’s sister, Claudette Dion gave a new health update about Celine’s alleged battle with Stiff-Person Syndrome.

In a recent interview with 7 Jours (French for 7 Days), Claudette claimed the 55-year-old pop superstar “doesn’t have control of her muscles.”

But Celine’s fans are skeptical of Claudette’s claims.

Claudette previously said Celine may never perform again because she was “a human statue.”

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However, Celine and her sons attended a hockey game at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on October 30.

Then on November 5, Celine was seen dancing and having a blast at a Katy Perry concert.

Celine appeared healthy and strong and showed no signs of muscle atrophy or weakness as would be expected if she had been bedridden for months with a serious muscular disease.

Some fans dismissed Claudette as a quack who is desperate for attention from the Canadian press. They say Claudette tends to over-exaggerate. Others say Celine and Claudette are not even close.

One fan wrote on Reddit: “Her sister has made comments like this before and it made it sound like she was on bed rest or something.”

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Another person wrote: “As a fellow french canadian, her sister is famous here for talking to the media and saying untrue or exaggerated things. She is problematic.”

And a third Redditor wrote: “Céline went to katy perry’s show dancing and the hockey game, imo to show she’s okay and shut down the dumb rumors going around, and yet claudette runs her mouth again and it’s back at zero again.”