Instagram model Lori Harvey and her British actor boyfriend Damson Idris walked hand in hand at celebrity hotspot The Nice Guy in Los Angeles on Monday. Damson wore a black face mask as news outlets ramp up COVID hysteria.


Lori opted not to wear a face mask. She probably realizes that common surgical masks can’t block a virus.


Actor Jared Leto and his rumored model girlfriend Thet Thinn were spotted out & about in New York City on Monday. Jared donned a face mask but his girlfriend is bare faced.

Morris Brown College in Atlanta reinstated face masks for students and faculty on Sunday.

And Rutgers University in New Jersey mandated masks and vaccines for students and faculty.

Photo may have been deleted

This graphic compares the coronavirus to a dust particle and a human hair. The tiny red dot represents the virus.

The virus floats right through a common surgical mask. An N95 respirator mask is more effective at blocking a virus.

However, an N95 mask must be fit tested on your face by a health care worker to ensure there are no gaps in the mask. An N95 is ineffective against a virus without a fit test.

The simplest way to prevent transmission of the coronavirus is to wash your hands and never touch your face while in public.

The video below demonstrates a proper N95 respirator fit test for medical personnel.