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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says a new COVID variant may infect people who are fully vaccinated.

In an assessment on Wednesday, the CDC stated the new BA.2.86 Covid-19 variant may cause infection in people who are vaccinated or were previously infected with the virus.

The CDC said it’s too early to determine if the new variant might cause more severe illness compared with previous COVID strains.

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At least two cases of the new BA.2.86 variant were discovered in the United States, according to the CDC.

One of the BA.2.86 cases was found in a person who recently returned to the U.S. after traveling overseas.

Multiple cases of BA.2.86 variant have been found in several countries, according to the CDC.


The CDC said the recent surge in COVID hospitalizations in the U.S. isn’t caused by the new BA.2.86 variant.

“It is also important to note that the current increase in hospitalizations in the United States is not likely driven by the BA.2.86 variant,” stated the CDC.

The CDC says most Americans (over 200 million) have COVID antibodies from a previous infection, vaccination, or both.

The antibodies will likely provide some protection against the new COVID variant, said the CDC.

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