Cardi B caught a lot of flack for the gown she wore to this year’s Met Gala in NYC on May 6. The extravagant gown was designed by Sensen Lii free of charge.

The rapper promptly forgot the Chinese-born designer’s name when asked by a reporter on the green carpet.

After going viral for calling Lii “Asian”, Cardi took to social media to explain that she didn’t pronounce Lii’s name because it was too “complicated.”

One X/Twitter user called Cardi B a culture vulture:

“The truth is, just like in Hip Hop, you have absolutely no care for the culture and the hard work ppl put into their craft as your only concern is to hijack the culture and make it benefit you then advancing to cheapening the brand.”

Cardi’s “Black Rose” gown was transported to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in pieces and assembled by a team of assistants.

Lexie Moreland/WWD via Getty Images

Social media users mocked her gown, calling her Marge Simpson and the bride of Frankenstein.

In a Met Gala Prep video on TikTok, Cardi B shared a peek at the alternate gown she almost wore to the Met Gala. At the end of the video, her assistants took a vote and they all chose the Black Rose gown.

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Watch the video below.


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