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FightHype recently caught up with boxer Adam Saleh to get his take on the Floyd Mayweather Jr. situation in Dubai.

As you know, Floyd is stuck in Dubai until he pays off a massive debt.

Floyd allegedly owes tens of millions of dollars in gambling debts. His passport was seized and he’s been stuck in Dubai for over a month now.

Adam shared his own stuck in Dubai story. He said the Dubai government prevented him from leaving because he owed $800 in parking tickets for a rental car. He paid the tickets and was allowed to leave.

Last week, Jason Lee and TMZ published fake reports that claimed Floyd gave money to homeless men before attending a Clippers vs Mavericks playoffs game in Los Angeles.

Both reports were fake. The reports were probably attempts to distract from the real reason Floyd is allegedly being detained in Dubai.

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Another fake story making the rounds alleges that one of Floyd’s entourage bought expensive jewelry or a watch from a jewelry store then disputed the purchase with the credit card company.

Floyd updated his Instagram page with photos and a video that prove he’s still in Dubai.

A source said the men with Floyd in the video are local Arabs paid by Floyd to work as bodyguards. Adam said there is zero percent crime rate in Dubai. So why does Floyd need bodyguards?

In one photo, Floyd wears a blue and red outfit. Some fans say the outfit is a cry for help to American gangs, the Crips (blue) and the Bloods (red).

An insider who was interviewed recently said Floyd’s business partner, boxing promoter Al Haymon, is working the phones trying to get Floyd released.