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Boosie shared a video of a fan crying and begging him for $1,000 on Instagram Live. In the video, the distraught woman cried and begged the 41-year-old rapper to send her some money.

The user took to Instagram and posted a video saying “At this point, where is Boosie at? Will Boosie please, please go on Live.”

She then asked Boosie for $1,000 for rent because times are hard. She captioned the video “Rent due.”

“I will put it on live for a thousand dollars, please,” she cried. It isn’t clear what she meant.

Boosie responded, “B*tch said rent due,” before brushing his teeth.

The White House continues to boast about the success of “Bidenomics,” while touting economic growth, low unemployment and wage increases.

But homelessness and evictions are on the rise after falling during COVID.