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Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane Get Into Debate Over the Effectiveness of the COVID-19 Vaccine [Video]

Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane got into a heated argument about Covid-19 during the Family Guy creator’s latest episode of his podcast.

via: Radar Online

Maher expressed his concerns about the medical establishment in the U.S. disregarding the concept of natural immunity, while MacFarlane argued against it.

During the debate, Maher pointed out that the U.S. did not sufficiently consider natural immunity as a factor in determining the need for vaccination. He criticized the requirement for individuals who have already had the disease to still get vaccinated.

Maher highlighted that this approach is not followed in Europe, stating, “That’s powerful stupid.”

MacFarlane, on the other hand, contested the notion of natural immunity. He claimed to personally know people who had contracted Covid-19 multiple times, arguing that this indicated a lack of immunity. He said, “You’ve had Covid five times. That’s not natural immunity. There’s no immunity there.”

The discussion escalated when Maher mentioned athletes like tennis star Novak Djokovic and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, suggesting that they did not need the vaccine.

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MacFarlane questioned the downside of getting vaccinated. This prompted Maher to respond passionately, stating that there are always risks associated with medical interventions, including vaccines.

Maher emphasized the need to consider potential side effects and pointed out the existence of a vaccine court due to the number of people who have been injured. He clarified that he is not against vaccines in general but opposes receiving vaccines that he believes he does not need.

The Real-Time host argued for the right to make personal decisions regarding one’s own body.

Clips of the debate were shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, where users continued the discussion, praising MacFarlane for his style and composure.

One user shared the clip in a post that reads, “Seth MacFarlane is better at making a case for vaccines than any public official or medical expert I’ve seen. Here he demolishes Bill Maher’s stupid assumptions and anecdotal ‘evidence.’”

Another user asked, “What was even Bill’s stance in this conversation? I understood Seth’s clearly, while Bill just fumbled from vague talking point to vague talking point. Was it just that we shouldn’t have vaccines because they have a chance to do unintentional harm? Like ANYTHING in this world?”

Others criticized the discussion for its lack of scientific backing.

One X user wrote, “People need to be more discerning when deciding whose opinions to trust … start by ignoring bureaucrats and so-called celebrities.”

Another commented, “They’re both celebrities without medical degrees. What are we even doing here? Can we bring on an actual scientist?”

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