Beyonce unveiled the tracklist for her upcoming country music album Act II: Cowboy Carter. The tracklist confirms rumors that Beyonce collaborated with country music superstar Dolly Parton on her hit song “Jolene”.

The tracklist includes the previously released songs “16 Carriages” and the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping “Texas Hold ‘Em.”

The song list also features “The Linda Martell Show,” a tribute to the first Black female singer to perform at the Grand Ole Opry.

Cowboy Carter is the follow-up to Beyonce’s 2022 album Renaissance.

The album is set to drop on Friday, March 29.

See the tracklist below.

1. Ameriican Requiem
2. Blackbiird
3. 16 Carriages
4. Protector
5. My Rose
6. Smoke Hour ft. Willie Nelson
7. Texas Hold ‘Em
8. Bodyguard
9. Jolene ft. Dolly Parton
10. Daughter
11. Spaghettii
12. Alliigator Tears
13. Smoke Hour II
14. Just For Fun
15. II Most Wanted
16. Levii’s Jeans
17. Flamenco
18. The Linda Martell Show
19. Ya Ya
20. Oh Louisiana
21. Desert Eagle
22. Riiverdance
23. II Hands II Heaven
24. Tyrant
25. Sweet Honey Buckin’
26. Amen