A debate is raging on Black Twitter over “baddies” and “unicorns.”

Some say a woman isn’t a baddie if she doesn’t have a BBL, boobs or new teeth. BBL means Brazilian butt lift.

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But other women prefer being a unicorn (a rare natural woman).

Aspiring rappers Asian Doll (left) and Glorilla felt pressured to go under the knife for boobs and new teeth.

There are some on Black Twitter who say women have lost the battle if they don’t have a BBL, boobs or teeth.

But many on Black Twitter say they are proud to be a “unicorn” – a very rare natural woman.

One Twitter/X user wrote: “Baby I’m happy being a unicorn! Why would I want to blend in with a huddle of horses. Make it make sense lol but carry on.”

Another user wrote: “Love my natural body. Flaws and all.”

While a third person said: “Perfectly fine having everything natural on my body and looking like the fine unicorn I am.”

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Question: Are you a baddie or a unicorn?



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